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Blue Moroccan Cactus Silk Tote

Jenna Bee Handmade


From high in the Atlas mountains, to the bustling souks of Marrakech, to sunny California, these bags are handmade from start to finish. Our collection of Moroccan Totes are made from handmade Cactus Silk pillow cases. The process starts with extracting the natural fibres from the aloe vera cactus. Once the cactus leaves are crushed, washed and hammered, the thread is woven into fabric and naturally dyed. This process has been used in Morocco for generations. 

The pillowcases are transformed into purses by Jenna Bee’s small team in California. It’s short strap and the generous size makes it the perfect go-to boho bag. The strap is made from natural, untanned leather that will age beautifully and darken over time. It’s lined with durable and simple canvas fabric, has two pockets for essential items and finished with a long-lasting zipper closure.

Please note: pattern, size and color may vary slightly as each bag is one-of-a-kind and handmade.

Fabric naturally-dyed and woven by artisans in Morocco, Africa



Oversized tote, dimensions vary


Deep blue

Cactus silk, cotton lining, natural leather strap

Blue Moroccan Cactus Silk Tote
Blue Moroccan Cactus Silk Tote
Blue Moroccan Cactus Silk Tote
Blue Moroccan Cactus Silk Tote

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