When Denise Elias started throwing jewelry parties in her home in the early 2000's she discovered what she thought was just a fun night with the girls was actually a business in the making. Weekly parties turned into daily drop ins from friends that were in gift crisis and just needed that perfect something "right now"! The demand became such that she just knew that the next logical step was to open a real store. Enter Dawn Pasacreta, friends who met because their boys became best friends since the first day of Kindergarten (both now in college). Dawn would help out with the jewelry parties and as talks started about "what if there was a real store...?" Dawn didn't think twice, with her background in fashion merchandising and having worked at Macy's and Nordstrom she knew this idea of a store front would be a huge success. Denise, a first generation Cuban American comes from a family of small business owners. As an immigrant from Cuba, Denise’s parents taught her the importance of having her own female run business. With an eye for fashion, exquisite detail and a clear understanding of what women want, LOLA New York was born.

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